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LONGWAY Technologies Co., Ltd. Is located in Shanghai and specializes in medical gas pipeline related products for many years.

Medical gases, such as oxygen, nitrous oxide and air as well as vacuum are used nearly everywhere in healthcare facilities and perform a critical role in healthcare delivery. Centralized Medical Gases Pipe line System (MGPS) for medical gases and vacuum is a critical part of the medical installation and the service in a hospital or special care center.

 Products relative to MGPS that we supply includes:

Bed Head Unit - Headwall

Bed head units are also called bed head panels, headwalls, bed head trunk or console units. Our horizontal headwall has four separate cavities where medical gas pipelines, force electricity, weak electricity, etc. can go separately. It can be installed with reading light, general light, electric switches and sockets, nurse call units, gas outlets | gas terminal units, etc.

Medical Gas Outlets  - Medical Gas Terminal Units

Gas outlets, or gas terminal units we supply are of different standards, such as French standard - AFNOR, German standard - DIN, British standard, American standard, Japanese standard, etc. Adaptors or probes, quick connectors of corresponding standards for various gases (O2, Air, Vacuum, N2O and CO2) are also available. They are color-coded for easy gases identification and are 100% tested against gas leakage and connector stability.

Oxygen Flow Meter with Humidifier Bottle

Oxygen flow meters or oxygen flowmeters integrated with humidifier bottle are of two types, one is to be used with gas outlets and the other type, with oxygen regulator, is to be used with oxygen cylinders.

Vacuum Regulator with Suction Jar-Suction Unit

Vacuum regulator integrated with suction jar into one unit or as separate units. Suction Jars are of various volumes (500ml, 1000ml, 2000ml, 5000ml, etc.) and for large volume suction jars, trolleys are available.

Alone with the above products, we also supply Oxygen Cylinders, Hospital Hand Rail, Hospital Privacy Curtain, Curtain Track, Pendants for operation room, ICU, IV Pole, etc.


LONGWAY provides quality products and quality services and that’s why we’ve built long-term business relations with our customers throughout the world.







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