Foldable handrails, also called bathroom grab bars, are usually installed in hospitals, hotels, airports, schools, nursing homes, etc. to help the eldly, the patients, the disabled and all ranges of people with their movement and to provide easy access and convenience.

Nylon type is made of 304 stainless steel inside and high quality nylon outside. Diameter is 35mm, which is comfortable to grasp.

The foldable handrails, or bathroom grab bars, can easily fold up when not in use, thus can save much space.

LW-NRL-U5 Foldable Handrail and LW-NRL-U7 Bathroom Grab Bar

LW-NRL-U6 Handrail in use
LW-NRL-U6 Handrail folded up
LW-NRL-U5 Grab Bar in use
LW-NRL-U5 Grab Bar folded up

LW-NRL-U4 Foldable Handrail or Grab Bar, Safety Bar

LW-NRL-UT3 Foldable handrail, with an supporting foot

LW-NRL-UT3 Foldable grab bar - yellow
LW-NRL-UT3 Foldable handrail - white
LW-NRL-UT3 Foldable grab bar folded up
LW-NRL-UT3 Foldable handrail - joint