• Hospital Cubicle Curtain
  • Hospital Cubicle Curtain
  • Hospital Cubicle Curtain
  • Hospital Cubicle Curtain
  • Hospital Cubicle Curtain

Hospital Cubicle Curtain

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Product Description

Hospital Cubicle Curtain & Track



Hospital Cubicle Curtain


Hospital cubicle curtain is hung around hospital beds in multiple- or single- bed wards to maintain patient privacy and therefore, is also called privacy curtain.


  Hospital cubicle curtain fabric is required to beflame-retardant. LONGWAY’s curtain fabric is made of flame-retardant fiber and the feature is inherent, which means it does not fade away after washing. Tests show that the fabric totally complies with BS 5867-2:2008 Type C performance requirements. The feature remains well after 50 cycles of standard washing (in accordance with BS EN ISO 10528: Automatic machines (Tyep A) at 75+/-3 deg C in ECE detergent with sodium perborate, tumble dry). It can also well meet NFPA 701 flammability requirements. Anti-microbial feature is also available. Relative tests are in accordance withAATCC 147-2004 standard.


LONGWAY’s Standard fabric weight is around 220g per square meter. It can also be raised up to around 270g per square meter. Usual vertical length is 2.8m, including a 50-60cm top mesh to meet and/or exceed fire codes for fire sprinkler penetration. The mesh part also enables free air flow and light ventilation throughout the patient room.


100% polyester


2.4M - 2.8M


220g/square meter - 270g/square meter;


50cm, 60cm


Lateral -0.8%; vertical-0.7%

Other features

Anti-mcirobial (AATCC)


Flame-retardant (after 50 cycles of washing| BS5867-2:2008 Type C)



Curtain Track and Accessories


LONGWAY curtain track is made of well oxidized aluminum alloy. It can be straight, L-shaped or U-shaped for enclosing patient beds, shower areas or anywhere personal privacy is required. L-shaped curtain track is usually used for multiple-bed wards and U-shaped ones for single-bed patient rooms. Tracks of white baked enamel finish are also available to match with white ceiling and walls.


  Accessories for curtain track include end stop, pulley/glide, hook and splicing clamp. Each set of curtain track requires a pair of end stops. Usually 5 pulleys and 5 hooks are needed for each meter of track. Splicing clamp is used for U-shaped track as it is usually divided into two halves for delivery convenience; or it can also be used for connecting two straight tracks to make a longer one.


  LW-TK-20 Curtain Track: 23mm*18mm*1mm

  LW-TK-30 Curtain Track/ IV Pole track: 30mm*20mm*1mm



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